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everyone is defined by what they have experienced. we are. it all started about 13 years ago, when we first met each other. 16 and madly in love. this is basically a love story. 

we never fitted in. we always sought after freedom and pursued not being caught in the rat race. we felt for a moment the world was against us. until we took full control of the ship. 

after struggling through school, we started working, climbing the ladder and suddenly we found ourselves responsible for other people as well. there we were. 20 years old, with a security net. tangled somehow. 

we didn't feel at ease, even though our lives were where most of us want their lives to be. in an apartment, with full time jobs, earning the same wage every month. 

after 3 years of working for someone else we quit, and left everything we knew behind with the only intention to contribute for a better world wherever we went. 

indonesia. our home away from home. this is the place where the puzzle almost solved itself. kinda cliché but nonetheless the truth. 

after volunteering in sumatra, and working with indigenous peoples rights to their forests we moved to bali. 

a big piece of our hearts are forever on the island of gods. this is where our passion slowly but steadily grew into a profession. 

so here we are. Ask and Mathilde. outgoing, curious, and conscious. doing what we can for a greater cause. eager about what life will bring. present in the moment. 

the team.

our team is our friends. we are like family.

the team consists of exceptionally talented freelancers from norway and indonesia one hundred 100 percent commited to deliver what promised. we are a permanent and non-permanent team. we pay everyone fairly.

the team

social media team: Indriyana & Enrico
video editor: Dzul

web designer:Ask

director, producer, filmmaker: Ask

photographer: Mathilde

the team


what makes a company sustainable is reliant on so many factors. we don't believe in perfect. but we do have our philosophy and values that define who we work with and how we live our everyday life. a company is only defined by the people behind.

we try to not take on clients that doesn't benefit the planet, or at least take some kind of sustainability measures. we eat a plant-based diet. we try to be as plastic free as possible. no office buildings. no unnecessary equipment.

it has always baffled us how a company can call itself sustainable, without the people behind being the same.

our company's values are our personal values.



giving back

giving back.

a perfect world is where everyone has access to clean air, enough food, shelter, water. where the rich are content with what they have, and the poor are given the same opportunities.

a perfect world is a world without plastic pollution. where everyone contributes as a community. 

we believe it is our mission to do good. to give back. 

giving someone or something your time is as valuable, or even more valuable than money. we have volunteered for two months in western sumatra to aid with the incredible work of protecting indigenous people their rights to their forests. in bali we cleaned beaches, rescued street dogs and helped comapnies and organizations through video and photography content. 

bali was severely struck by the economical consequences of the covid-19 pandemic, and through the help of other we were able to donate almost 40 000 NOK (over 4000 USD) to a project helping families across the island. 

a girl on the mentawai islands off the coast of sumatra was suffering from retinoblastoma, and couldn't afford hospitalization. through the power of unity we raised over 25 000 NOK (2500 USD) and got her to hospital. unfortunately she passed away, but the rest of the money benefited another boy with the same condition as well as a young adult who was struck by electricity while trying to fix the villages power supply. 

it might not sound like much, but for two people simply believing in a greater meaning of life, these are huge accomplishments. we are very very proud. 

our work for the planet, the animals and our people will never seize. we are privileged enough to pursue our dreams and do what we love. therefore it is the only the right thing to do. 


we will always be giving back. big or small. 

why did we start our
own company?

why did a couple, who already spend so much time together, decide to start a company? the short answer is simple - we got the opportunity and felt our work could help others grow.

we possessed skills that had previously been our passion, and felt like it was time to both monetize them and use them for the greater good.

we wanted to fuse our passion, vocation, mission and profession in order to have sufficient time and funding to do what we found meaningful.




so here we are. our passion has become our profession, with a mission to make the world a better place through our vocation as creatives.

house of ikigai is a company that reflect our personal values, which we take really seriously.

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