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we sell results.
not services.

the concept is simple. we do what we love and are good at. you do the same. we need you. you need us. let's create a symbiosis.

we make stunning films, take beautiful pictures, design mesmerizing websites, and we do really good marketing. we have a handpicked passionate and dedicated team ready to deliver top notch quality. oh, at a fair price.


we produce what you need. from start to finish. for all platforms. our speciality is sustainable tourism, travel and lifestyle. but we also do documentaries. we use beauty, essence and our combined brilliant minds to get you where you want to be. we use state of the art equipment, so don't worry about quality.

includes: planning, production and delivery. 

prices from: 25 000,- 


aesthetics and communication are our strengths. this doesn't mean SEO and conversion rates are not important to us. after all, we all want to be visible and sell as much eco friendly stuff as possible. we will help you with that.

includes: planning, production and delivery

prices from: 6 750,-

web design.

webdesign is like the window into your world. its where you showcase yourself. in a world with more online businesses than ever, it is even more important. it's like your physical building, but digital. 


we have great experience in building well functioning, converting and easy to use websites. focusing on good seo, ux and ui design, as well as making it scalable and fitted to your needs. 

includes: planning, design, development, seo.


prices from: 25 000,- 


oh marketing. you are so much, so complicated and overwhelming sometimes. where do we start, what will the results be? we got you covered.

includes: content marketing, digital marketing, google ads, meta ads, analytics and strategies.


prices from: 5 000,- (excludes marketing budget)

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