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so you have traditional marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing. you name it.


depending on goals, we do thorough analysis of what gives the best return on investemnt while aligning with your brands or business vision.

can include: copywriting, content creation, google ads, meta ads, seo optimization, consulting.

for who?

for you who are looking to elevate your brand, but don't want to spend hours creating content, learning SEO, sending emails to subscribers, or simply don't know what the smartest move is.

marketing is science. we like science.


we love results.

marketing is about playing the long game. doing thorough analysis, executing, tweaking, analyse again, execute again. there is no magic spell. yes, you could pay to boost your instagram post, and it might work.


it fore sure does not give you the best bang for your buck though.


timeframe: minimum 3 month commitment, preferably 12 months. that is to ensure sustainable and reliable marketing tactics.

pricing: from 2000,- NOK per month. excluding marketing budget.

timeframe and pricing.

previous results.

results in marketing can be measured in many ways. visitors, returning visitors, conversions, views, increased revenue, CPC, ROA etc. results are measured based on the campaigns objective and goal.

marketing ROI (return on investment) can even be negative. that doesn't mean it was a failed campaign. you gained 1000 new subscribers who still haven't bought anything, but you gained their trust. it all depends on how you measure. what you measure. and for how long. 

for google ads, one should expect a 400% ROAS (return on ad spend). meaning for every 1 NOK spent, you should gain 4 NOK. we always aim for higher.

confused about marketing language? read our marketing terminology guide. 

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