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did you know 60% of gen z, and 40% of millennials use social media for travel purposes?

hey there. we are ask & mathilde.

we help conscious travel and tourism-related businesses grow organically, and reach their target audience through relateable and visually stunning content and great strategy.


struggling with content creation and social media?

you are not sure where to start or continue with your content?


out of ideas and content to share?


you know social media and content is important but struggle to find the time?


you find creating content overwhelming and not giving you the results you are looking for?


you want to increase bookings and grow on social media? 

you need tools and or guidance on your social media journey?

don't worry, we got your

we are here to help you plan, produce and spread content worth sharing that is aligned with your brand and target audience. 



you can sit back, relax, and let us do the work that is required to increase bookings, share your story and reach more people across your social media platforms.


we do what we are best at, and you do the same. win-win!

film, video and reels.

easy to consume, save and rewatch for education or inspiration purposes.


still important, even in 2024. excellent for marketing, requires less time and effort. combine with great copy and a strategy and images are inevitable. 

case studies.

case 1.
destination marketing during the pandemic.


Fredrikstad, a historical city in Norway, faced challenges during the pandemic due to decreased tourism activities. Visit Fredrikstad and Hvaler, the local tourism board, sought to revitalize tourism through effective marketing strategies.



With restrictions on international travel and tourism, Fredrikstad needed to find innovative ways to attract visitors and maintain its position as a desirable destination.



In 2020 and 2021, our company took on the role of the primary content provider for Visit Fredrikstad and Hvaler’s summer campaigns. Together we crafted compelling content highlighting the city’s unique attractions, historical sites, and natural beauty. Leveraging digital platforms and social media, we targeted both domestic and international audiences, aiming to spark interest and encourage responsible and sustainable travel.



Together, our efforts led to a significant increase in national visibility for Fredrikstad, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. The campaign received accolades, including the prestigious Plankebærerprisen 2020, recognizing Visit Fredrikstad and Hvaler contribution to promoting tourism in the region. The videos alone generated over 300 000 views. Furthermore, our campaign content was adopted by Visit Norway, becoming the official presentation of Fredrikstad and Hvaler for travelers worldwide.



By effectively showcasing Fredrikstad’s appeal through our campaign, we helped reposition the city as a must-visit destination. The increased exposure boosted tourisn, and our collaboration with Visit Fredrikstad and Hvaler set a precedent for successful destination marketing strategies, emphasizing the importance of creativity and adaptability in navigating challenging times.

case 2.
the cost of misguided content strategy.


A travel and tourism-related business, aiming to grow organically and reach their target audience through relatable and visually stunning content, had a budget of $10,000 allocated for content creation. However, lacking a coherent strategy, they ventured into the realm of content creation without a clear direction.



The challenge lied in the absence of a structured content strategy. Despite having the resources, the business struggled to channel their budget effectively, resulting in a haphazard approach to content creation.


Proposal Overview:

The proposal offered emphasized the importance of planning, producing, and spreading content aligned with the brand and target audience. However, the business opted for an alternative approach, seeking a quick fix rather than investing in a comprehensive strategy.



With a disregard for strategic planning, the business engaged in a whirlwind of activity, solely focusing on Facebook as their chosen platform for content dissemination. Without conducting thorough research or devising a publishing plan, they embarked on a chaotic content creation journey, relying solely on the sheer effort put into the process.



The result was indeed chaotic. Despite their hard work and dedication over a brief period, the content failed to yield the desired outcomes, generating a little over 10 000 views. Limited to Facebook, the reach and impact of the content remained restricted, failing to resonate with the intended audience or generate meaningful engagement and potential growth for the region. Signifying the importance of a strategy, and not just content.



monthly content package.

who is it for?

for businesses and brands who are looking for monthly content creation (photos and reels). this package is best suited for businesses who know a thing or two about social media.


we will conduct thorough research on your brand or business. then have a coffee, virtual or real, and talk ideas, struggles and goals. 


then we will arrange a time, produce the content with the best equipent and people available and make sure you are set for the whole month or more.

content is delivered continuously or in one batch.


- access to a team consisting of 2 social media specialists, editor, filmmaker and photographer.


- 8 reels per month


- 20 photos


- consulting throughout the month

monthly content and marketing package.

who is it for?

businesses or brands who are looking to outsource their social media partially or completely.

this is for those who are seeking significant growth and results for their business or brand.


we will have a coffee, virtual or real, talk ideas, struggles and goals. then we will conduct the necessary research.

we will present you with a strategy and ideas. handle content creation, publishing, maintenance and consulting. we will provide monthly publishing plans based on goals


- everything you need to succeed, grow and increase sales.

- full access to a team consisting of 2 social media specialists, editor, filmmaker and photographer.

- complete strategy and publishing plan


- 10 reels per month


- 30 photos

- caption/copy writing


- script writing


- consulting 


- continous monitoring

chaos package.

who is it for?

for the fun, bold and/or desperate looking for a content factory. in and out. job done.


this will be fun. 

we have a quick chat about needs and goals. we do some planning. we shoot the content, we deliver the content.


- as many reels as we can possibly produce

- as many pictures as we can possibly take

- does not affect quality


Salty Breeze

boutique hotel | bali, indonesia

Paul Baker, Manager

“Not only they are humble and kind as persons whom stand for important environmental issues but dead point professionals who create beautifully crafted content filled with character and heart. Their videos showcased our place perfectly, created a high engagement and we received tons of positive feedback about them. We have recommended them to our friends ever since and can’t wait for them to return!:)”

Mahi Mahi

boutique hotel | bali, indonesia

Lee Clarke, Manager

“House of Ikigai are an absolutely amazing team. These guys really are an inspiration for how talented they are and thier love for the environment is a beautiful thing to see. They are also a super cool couple. The guys also did 3 seperate video edits for us at Mahi Mahi Bingin which really blew our minds how talented they are.


We cannot recommend these guys highly enough if you are looking for someone to promote your business.”

Visit Fredrikstad & Hvaler

tourism board | norway

Maya Nilsen, Head of Tourism

“It is a great pleasure to work with Ask and Mathilde! They engage in the whole creative process, from a faint idea all the way to the finished product. They have a style that is relevant and hits our target audience.


We highly recommend them!”

Isegran Fartøyvern

vessel protection center | norway

Kim André Moen , CFO

“Early in the process of trying to find someone who understood us, we came to a stop. We couldn’t find someone who were fit for the task. 


Thanks to House of Ikigai, in collaboration with Griff Kommunikasjon we have managed to find someone who understands our needs and deliver fast. We are looking forward to a long partnership with both of them.”

ready to grow? 

book a free call and we can discuss further!

what time?

awesome. talk soon!

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