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we create and spread meaningful content for conscious people.

this is what we do.

we specialize in sustainable travel and tourism with a unique docu-style approach to content.

we make content. we do marketing. we make websites. we are your one-stop shop to everything creative.

our conscious approach to content creation, sustainability and experienced team will greatly benefit you and your business or brand.

this is how it works. 

our goals are to make you shine, solve your problems efficiently and beautifully while becoming friends.

  • we talk.
    communication is at the core of everything we do. we engage in meaningful conversations with our clients, understanding their aspirations, challenges, and vision. through open dialogue, we ensure that every project is a collaborative journey, where ideas are shared, refined, and transformed into impactful solutions. let's talk.
  • we plan.
    before embarking on any project, we invest time in meticulous planning and strategizing. we conduct thorough research, analyze objectives, and outline a comprehensive roadmap tailored to our clients' needs. this thoughtful planning ensures that every step taken is purposeful, efficient, and aligned with achieving the envisioned outcomes.
  • we produce.
    our commitment to excellence drives us to create remarkable content and strategies. we meticulously craft stunning films, captivating photography, aesthetically pleasing web designs, and effective marketing campaigns. with creativity as our compass and quality as our hallmark, we produce work that resonates and delivers results.
  • we deliver.
    timely delivery and exceeding expectations are ingrained in our ethos. our dedicated team ensures that our promises translate into tangible outcomes. from ideation to execution, we maintain high standards, delivering top-notch quality projects that not only meet but surpass our clients' objectives.
  • we spread.
    beyond delivery, we believe in amplifying impact. we spread the essence of our collaborative efforts, ensuring that the messages, stories, and initiatives created together reach wider audiences. through strategic dissemination, we aim to spread awareness, influence, and evoke meaningful engagement.

this is why we do it.

because we do what we love. life is too short not to. and we are really good at what we do. and we want you to focus on the same. 


we think big. we use our skills to help others on their mission.


collaboration is key.


"It is a great pleasure to work with Ask and Mathilde! They engage in the whole creative process, from a faint idea all the way to the finished product. They have a style that is relevant and hits our target audience. We highly recommend them!"

Maya, Visit Fredrikstad & Hvaler

"Absolutely amazing duo. These guys really are an inspiration for how talented they are and their love for the environment is a beautiful thing to see. We cannot recommend these guys highly enough if you are looking for someone to promote your business or capture your beautiful memories."

Lee, Mahi Mahi Bingin

"Not only they are humble and kind as people whom stand for important environmental issues, but dead point professionals who create beautifully crafted content filled with character and heart."

Paul, Salty Breeze Bali


this is who we are.

we are a team based in Norway and Indonesia with over 50 years of joint experience dedicated to solve your problems, provide you with the best results, most satisfactory service and best price-to-value ratio.


we are excited to get to know you.

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