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who are we under the surface?

take a deep dive in our story. 

Ever since I, Ask,  was a little child the big questions have sparked my interest and made my brain tingle. 


4 years old, on my knees looking at ants in our backyard. 5 years old telling my grandma that the reason death is so painful is because we can't hold their hands anymore. 6 years old writing stories about a lemon from Mars. 7 years old trying to understand how a circuit board works and making my own flying contraptions, gluing propellers and gears together.

From ants, through another dimension, to space. Who are you? What happens if? Why is it like that? 

My childhood consists of a family that talks about everything. Music like Tom Waits and Scott Walker. Vegetarian food. Woolen clothes and incense. It never lacked depth. I got very happy with little, meaningful things.


Never a materialist.


We moved abroad at the age of 9. By the age of 10 I made fireworks from scratch. I hated living in Poland. I was never a fan of changes. I enjoyed the tiny worlds I created for myself.

I always got the opportunity to explore the world around me. My parents always supported my crazy ideas since I was a little child - and still are.

They never questioned my intent and trusted the fact that I needed to in order to understand and learn.

I'm the type of person why buys a tree online because I have some faint idea that I might use it for something some day. Or turn the basement into a darkroom. Even setting the table on fire was fine. I was exploring, and everything else didn't matter.

If there's one thing I appreciate from my childhood it is that - my freedom and lack of judgement. 


I'm not a child anymore, but I still feel like one. I think that is a good thing. 

Remember how we all drew, made stuff, explored the world around us, curious about what happens if you do this or that?

Where did all that creativity go? Why do we stop doing the things that made us understand. It didn't matter what the grownups said, you had to find out for ourselves. Now some of us are content with just accepting it is this way because someone told us, or the rules say so. 

We don't really enjoy pushing boundaries anymore. 

I do. 


After coming back to Norway at the age if 15, after eventually having a blast in Poland. Not hating it, but seeing it as an opportunity, and not wanting to come back.


One year later I met Mathilde.



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